Can see in the dark up to 150 feet

150' Dual Voltage Outdoor IR Illuminator

  • 150′ IR range
  • 30,000 hours LED life with heavy usage (approximately 5 years)
  • 850 nm IR wavelength
  • 80° max field of view
  • Dual voltage power: 12 Vdc, 24 Vac
  • Cable concealed bracket
  • IP66 weather rated

IR illuminators work with day/night sensitive cameras to provide IR illumination for low light environments and enable you to capture video at night. This outdoor dual voltage IR illuminator features a 80° max field of view (FOV), 80° beam spread and an 150′ IR range to capture images in low light environments. The IR illuminator is equipped with a cable concealed bracket and features 12 Vdc/24 Vac dual voltage power and an IP66 weather rated enclosure that offers protection from a variety of elements and weather conditions. The IR illuminator also has a 30,000 hours LED life with heavy usage (or approximately 5 years) and features an 850 nm wavelength for semi-covert security applications.

IR illuminators are equipped with varying wavelengths—generally from 730 nm to 950 nm. An IR illuminator with a 730 nm wavelength requires a less light sensitive camera and produces a strong, very visible red glow, while an 850 nm wavelength IR illuminator produces a faint visible glow, making it semi-covert.

What’s Included:

  • Cable-concealed bracket

Power supply sold separately.

The IR illuminator comes with a 2-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee and free lifetime US-based technical support.

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